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We have a Team of nicely skilled and experience mechanics to do all kinds of repair for your automobile. Bring it down and allow us to do an intensive checks for your automobile. If it is unable to, prepare for a tow truck for the vehicle to be towed back to the workshop for assessment.

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Swop the connections to driver pins 1 and a couple of and pins 3 and 4 then the car/tank should run the right means. I actually have an excellent latency between the joystick and the receiver.

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I’ve eliminated the delay; command and that hasn’t made any distinction. ( I didn’t assume it would because it’s only one tenth of a second). Any assist could be appreciated, I’m not lazy, I’m frustrated. You are much more likely to get solutions to technical questions by making a post on the DroneBot Workshop Forum.

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car workshop

However I try to remedy a problem of latency between the joystick and the Receiver… More or less 5”² of offset. I have built a version with an UNO as receiver and a Nano within the transmitter. Did not have the adapters for my nRF’s however as a substitute energy them with a three,3V step down regulator. Dear Sir, Can you explain tips on how to transfer HC-SR04 knowledge from one Ardiuno to another by using nRF24L01 module. can u share ur e-mail want to talk concerning this project i’ve some downside relating to receiver code.