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The motors are controlled with PWM using the Arduino analogWrite function. In the setup we define the motor controller pins as outputs. Note that the pins used for the 2 L298N enable traces must be able to PWM as that’s how the motor velocity is regulated.

If you don’t have a joystick simply use two potentiometers as that’s actually all that an analog joystick is – a pot for the x-axis and one other one for the y-axis. Each management is connected to one of many Arduino’s analog inputs. At far vary you’ll occasionally discover a slight delay in receiving knowledge, it will occur when packets drop off and need to be resent.

car workshop

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If we move it to the right the car ought to steer proper. We start by defining our libraries as we did earlier than. Then we define the analog pins used for the joystick inputs in addition to a few variables that maintain values of those inputs.

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