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Joystick Transmitter Sketch

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Because the nRF24L01 has an influence supply vary of 1.9 – three.9 volts it can be battery powered. It is also widespread to power the module with a 3.three volt power provide.

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If we move it to the right the car should steer right. We begin by defining our libraries as we did earlier than. Then we outline the analog pins used for the joystick inputs in addition to a few variables that maintain values of these inputs.

Going forward I’ll only be utilizing an Arduino Uno so if you are utilizing a Mega 2560 you’ll must substitute pin numbers accordingly. Our Robot Car project was based round an Arduino Uno, that is the project that we are going to be modifying to use the wireless joystick with. The adapter module has its own three.three volt voltage regulator and a set of filter capacitors, so you can power it with a 5-volt energy supply.

As lengthy because the pin is outlined as an output in code it’s going to work fantastic. Pins 1 and a couple of may look promising but they are additionally particular pins – they’re used as the RX and TX traces for the serial interface. I needed to maintain them free, also as a result of inner reasons they received’;t work very well on this application anyway.

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Joystick Receiver Sketch

technique is called to vary the radio channel from the default channel to channel 1. You can experiment with different channels if you find any 2.four GHz devices you’ve (i.e wi-fi mice) interfere with the experiment. The sketches are very well commented so I’ll just go over a few of the essential elements of the here. There are two sketches we need to load, one on every Arduino.